Magaliesberg Mountains


Rustig is situated near Hekpoort on the southern slopes of the Magaliesberg mountain range, only 73km from Randburg.  The imposing Magaliesberg Mountains form a backdrop to the farm and beckon the hiker to come and explore.  There are 3 routes that are well marked and maintained.  This is an ideal hiking venue for a day or weekend outing.  Rustig is one of the few marked trails in the Magaliesberg Mountains.  Remember to take plenty of water along as there is no water along the trail.


This venue is suitable for small functions, the bar and entertainment area is beautifully maintained and the owners take great pride in their beautiful natural surroundings.



Hiking Trails:

The two short day trails from base camp:

This trail is only 3 km and suitable for everyone in the family – the young ones starting out on their first hike, parents and grandparents alike.  It is a comfortable trail that can also be done with the baby in a carrier on the back.  It is a scenic route with lots of interesting spots.


This is a 5 km hiking trail, moderate and more challenging than the Olienhout trail.  This trail takes one further up the mountain, passing "Groot wit rots", "Bobbejaan Wandelpas" and "Slangdraai".  The famous "Nuwejaarsgrot" can also be seen from the trail.  This trail is definitely suitable for the whole family.


Karee Trail:

This 13 km hiking trail takes the hiker to the top of the mountain.  A steep climb at "Brave Heart" awaits you, some of the interesting points you will pass.  You can stop to have a tea party at "Rock-a-Roll", "Nuwejaarsgrot" and "Ambulans koppie".  The latter two spots have an interesting history.  This trail can also be done by day visitors.  Please note that the rate for this trail option is slightly more expensive than the rate for the 2 shorter trails.


Overnight backpack trail, total distance 13 km. Day 1 – 9km, day 2 – 4km



Tented Camps:

·         4 Self-catering units, luxury tents;

·         It’s Ideal for families wanting to camp but not enthusiastic about a huge stack of baggage and the hassle of pitching your tent;

·         Fully equipped with small fridge, gas stove, kettle, etc.;

·         All cutlery, crockery, linen as well as towels are provided.

·         You bring:

o    Own food and drink;

o    Personal apparel.



Stone House:

Self-catering unit:

·         Accommodates max 6 people;

·         Own kitchen equipped with fridge, kettle and stove;

·         All cutlery, crockery, linen and towels provided;

·         You Bring:

o    own food and drink

o    personal apparel

·         Ablution:

o    communal ablution facility


Hikers Hut:


·         6 rooms accommodating 6 people each

·         Communal kitchen for hikers rooms equipped with kettle, gas stove and fridge

·         Communal ablution facility serves hikers huts and Stone House as well as ablution facility with showers for dormitory use

·         You Bring:

o    cutlery, crockery, linen, towels;

o    food and drink;

o    personal apparel,


Overnight Hut – 2 Day Karee Trail:

·         Accommodates 12 people;

·         Beds and mattresses;

·         Kitchen equipped with gas stove and small fridge;

·         NO electricity;

·         Hot water;

·         You Bring:

o    sleeping bags, towels;

o    cutlery and crockery;

o    food and drink, personal apparel;

·         Portage option available to take your bags to overnight hut .



Conditions of Stay:

·         Breakage deposit of R300.00 payable on arrival;

·         Weekends minimum 2 night bookings;

·         Long weekends min 3 night bookings accepted;

·         Arrival time: 14:00 to 19:00;

·         Accommodation must please be vacated by 11:00;

·         Arrival and departure times must be adhered to strictly unless otherwise arranged with management;

·         1 bundle of wood supplied daily, extra wood for sale at the reception area.


Rules and Regulations for Overnight Accommodation:

·         Please familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations of RUSTIG to ensure an enjoyable stay;

·         The use of the day hiking trail and other facilities at Rustig is included in the accommodation rates;

·         1 bundle of wood supplied daily, extra wood for sale at the reception area;


·         Staff members are available to assist with the carrying of luggage;

·         Please enter and leave the property by the main gate only;

·         No day visitors are allowed at the braai areas of the accommodation units;

·         PLEASE – no loud music;

·         All items supplied in the accommodation units/areas, electronic and other, is the property of RUSTIG.  Guests will be held responsible for any loss or damage to property of RUSTIG.

·         Please make use of the braai areas/facilities provided;

·         No littering at camp or on trails;

·         No diving and jumping into the swimming pool;

·         Max speed 20km/h on all the roads on Rustig;

·         No pets are allowed;

·         No organism, alive or dead, may be removed from the property;

·         No geological or archaeological items may be moved or removed;

·         No fire arms or weapons allowed;


·         No person(s), except paying guests, may use any of the facilities provided;

·         PLEASE – no smoking in the accommodation units. Smoking only allowed outside the units.  Veld fires are always a risk; please ensure that your cigarette is properly put out before discarding it;

·         No music or noise after 22:00 please;

·         All visitors enter the terrain and make use of the facilities offered by RUSTIG at their own risk.  Neither the management, nor the owners or staff at RUSTIG will be held responsible for any injury, loss or death suffered by visitors.