'From the owners:

Welcome! We hope that you will enjoy your stay and the natural wonders this spectacular hike will take you through. 

Take care not to hurt yourself or the nature you will be passing through.  It is our privilege to be the caretakers of this small heritage site and we hope you will share it with us with the same reverence that we feel for it.


Starting from Bermanzi - (10.5 km)

The backpackers trail starts close to the accommodation.  There are poles with numbers at strategic spots on the route to help you, and WHITE footmarks on the rocks too.

NOTE: Look out for the Signs: Oom Paul , BM to/na AK with an arrow to show the direction along the trail at strategic spots.

IMPORTANT: If you take your map as well as the description of the trail with you and follow the signs you won’t get lost.  Ignore the green hands along the Bankspruit.  Uphill on the Five Assegais Estate side you can follow those.


Beginning at Pole No. 1:

Descending on the Wagon road to Pole No. 2 where the SIGN BOARD clearly shows the way to the different HIKING TRAILS.  You follow the Oom Paul’s sign on the wagon road past poles No. 18, 19.

At Pole no. 20, turn RIGHT and walk along the steep slope down to Pole No. 5.  From No. 5 you descend the cliffs to Pole 6 through some perfect old indigenous forest.  We have already identified and marked 54 different tree species and are in the process of marking more.

By Pole 6 turn LEFT towards Pole no 11. Follow the signs: Oom Paul , BM to AK , and  IGNORE THE NUM-NUM TRAIL SIGNS.

At Pole 11 turn RIGHT towards Pole no 12 WHERE YOU TURN RIGHT AGAIN and follow the path until you reach the BRIDGE AT THE BOARDROOM POOL at Pole no 23.

This is a nice picnic spot were you can rest and swim during summer time before you CROSS THIS BRIDGE AT NO 23 to the other side of the Bankspruit.  You are at the FIVE ASSEGAIS side now and follow the path uphill through the sandstone maze until you reach the ALOE KAYA CAMP.

Enjoy a warm shower,a nice braai and a good nights rest .You earned it !


Starting from Aloe Kaya - (10 km )

From ALOE KAYA the path starts about 100m up the access road look for the sign on the LEFT, which will take you along the rim of the Skurwerand overlooking the Skoonspruit and Komati valley to the Uitkoms or Bridle Falls the second highest in Mpumalanga , just 25 feet shorter than Mac Mac Falls, a perfect breakfast/tea break.

Cross in front of the waterfall over the very slippery rocks to the BERMANZI side of the spruit and follow the path to Pole No. 22 where you turn LEFT downhill towards Bankspruit.  Look for the Signs: Oom Paul, AK to BM and follow the path down the Bankspruit past wonderful falls and swimming pools until you cross the bridge that leads you to Pole no 12.

At Pole no 12 you turn RIGHT uphill towards Pole no11 where you turn LEFT and follow the trail until Pole no 6.  Here you turn RIGHT and continue uphill until you reach Pole no 5.  Here you turn LEFT and follow the path towards No 4, 3 and through the beautiful SKEUR to no 2 and 1.

A SIGN BOARD will direct you to your camp.


Enjoy a nice warm shower, perhaps a quick braai (if there is time) and have a safe journey if you have to return home.