Mount Komati River Lodge & Hiking Trails is situated in Mpumalanga on the Drakensberg escarpment and caters for holiday goers looking for private, quiet accommodation in an unspoilt, natural environment of wich the owners take great pride in keeping pristine and as natural and indigenous as possible.

THREE hiking trails are on offer!
The first 2 trails were professionally layed out and built and then have received Green Flag Status with the Hiking Organisation of South Africa. This means, amongst others, that they are audited every 3 years, are safe, properly marked, well maintained and you get what we advertise.

To celebrate our 3rd birthday in October 2016, we have added a third trail that we have layed out and built ourselves, but to the exact same standard as that of our first 2 trails.


First trail: Rondomklip route (Normally Day 1) is about 13.6km and takes on average 8 hours to complete.

Hikers attempting this route should be of reasonable hiking fitness since it has a fairy difficult rating depending on one's age and hiking ability. Expect an adventurous trail with a total elevation of 600 meters, some climbing over bolders or crouching to get underneath low leaning trees, however, there are no hectic obstacles like chain ladders and the like. Many hikers deep in their sixties, and even mid seventies have completed this trail and have enjoyed it tremendously. Some even say that in their 20 odd years of hiking, this is perhaps one of their favorite hikes, mainly because of the layout of the trail and the great natural variety to be seen and experienced. No wonder that in the short three odd years of our existance, we already have had many return guests! Be aware though that it can be tough if you are not fit, or a regular hiker or if you are perhaps a bit older and not so strong anymore. To help you assess, a group of regular hiking ladies in their mid fifties has completed this trail in only 6.5 hours, while some ladies in their mid sixties struggle quite a bit, if not fit or as strong as before. In order to make the nice parts accessable to as many hikers as possible, we are busy adding in a number of "short cut options" that will assist hikers to get the most enjoyment possible from the trail.
However, this is a fantastic hike if you like a great variety of topography, geography, fona and flora! It takes a little effort to get to the best parts nature has on offer - and then back again - but this is what hiking is all about, no? And it makes that drink at the end taste just that much better! .................. ;)


Second trail: Klein Parradys route (normally Day 2) is a very pleasant 4.5km, surprisingly different from Day 1 and takes between 1.5 & 3 hours to complete and is of medium to easy raiting.


Third trail: Water wonder route was added to give access to the opposite side of the Komati river and also to give an easy option to those guests who cannot tackle our longer, more difficulot trail(s). It is only 3.7km long and very easy.

A short hike upstream along the Komati takes one to swimming holes, rock pools & shaded picnic spots. It then turns away to follow a small mountain stream to some more romantic spots where scarce birds play in the tree canopy. After a short while it then bends away and takes one through gently rolling hills and woody grassland with a completely different feel where animal species and great vistas can be seen before it rejoins itself at the hippo pool in the Komati, Amos se Gat.


All three trails take one through a great variety in topography, habitat, fona and flora and to stunning views and one would not actually believe that they are on one property since they differ so much from each other!

Many different game species can be seen, including zebra, kudu, oribi, klipspringer (including a beautiful mottled subspecies that is only found by us and one other place in South Africa), bushbuck, grey- and mountain rehbuck and many more.
Scarce bird species like bald ibis, a roosting colony of 60 odd cape vulture, narina trogon and knysna loerie is often seen and heard on the property.


The accommodation consist of 4 beautiful stone and thatch chalets in a very well equipped camp, all very unlike the normal rustic hiking huts one mostly would expect to find at a trail venue. We'd like to say that "here, you can rough it in five star fashion". Scroll through our Gallery and be convinced!

Looking forward to welcoming you back again, too :)