Skurweberg Mountains


Wathaba is a wilderness area in the Skurweberg Mountains on the road between Machadodorp and Badplaas.  250km from Pretoria and 290km from Johannesburg


There are two well-marked and constructed trails.  They centre around two of the most beautiful mountain streams you will find on the Mpumalanga escarpment. The beautiful scenery, many waterfalls and the indigenous kloof vegetation are topped only by the breathtaking views down the valley to the Komati River far below.

A three minute walk upstream brings you to the stunning Wathaba Rainbow Falls and a natural pool surrounded by wild flowers and dense forest vegetation.  During the summer the water is cool and refreshing, especially after a walk up the mountain.  In the winter it is cold and only the bravest go swimming.  The “Bosbok Roete” is 4 km and the “Lynx Loop” about 10 km.


Features on the trail:
Waterfalls and rock pools are plentiful.  The indigenous riverine forest presents a myriad of African flora that would keep the botanist busy for days.  Many of the trees are marked.  Many examples of fungi add to the interest.  Abundant birdlife, wild flowers and 7 breathtaking waterfalls can be seen.  Ladders and bridges are well maintained.  Water in rivers is safe for drinking.  This lovely trail can be done all year round.  Summer months are spectacular and often wet.  Winter nights may be very cold but the days are sunny, cool and no chance of rain.


The accommodation has been well thought out and the owner put a lot of effort into making sure that the camps are well maintained.  The camps are wheelchair friendly.  At the moment there are no paraplegic trails but people in wheelchairs can easily make use of the facilities and wheel themselves down to the water's edge.  Galvanized baths have been used to make ablutions a unique experience.


Bottlebrush Haven:

·         Situated alongside the Schoonspruit stream, is slightly primitive, but very convenient

·         Bottlebrush Haven is wheelchair friendly.

·         Accommodating 6-20 guests;

·         There are 3 rooms accommodating 8, 8 and 4;

·         Minimum 6 adults, maximum 20 people;

·         Minimum 2 night booking.



·         A lovely kitchen;

·         Two ‘braai’ areas with braai grids;

·         Double zinc;

·         Dining table;

·         Pots, pans, kettle and;

·         Paraffin lamps and candles; and



Please supply the following:

·         Own gas lamps;

·         Cooler boxes;

·         Gas stove for a quick cup of coffee; and

·         Cutlery and crockery.


Ablutions facilities:

·         2 flush toilets;

·         2 double showers;

·         Unique zinc tub;

·         Another 3 basins outside under cover;

·         Donkey geyser for hot water.


Kiepersol Camp:

·         Situated next to the Schoonspruit stream, can accommodate 28 people;

·         Kiepersol is wheelchair friendly;

·         Minimum 12 adults;

·         Max 28 people;

·         Minimum 2 night bookings;

·         Wood supplied

·         There are 4 rooms:

o    4 people in “Matraskamer”;

o    5 beds in small “Grotkamer”;

o    5 beds in big ”Grotkamer”;

o    14 beds in double storey hut.



·         Very large kitchen (and under cover as well as outside braai area)

·         Double zinc

·         Dining table

·         Pots, pans, kettle and grid

·         Paraffin lamps and candles



Please supply the following:

·         Gas lamps

·         Cooler boxes

·         Gas stove for a quick cup of coffee

·         Cutlery and crockery.



·         3 double showers,

·         4 flush toilets

·         zinc tub

·         Donkey geyser for hot water


Mountain Creek Cabin:

This Cabin is a cosy comfortable and quaint cabin sleeping 2-4 guests.  The cabin is self-catering, fully equipped (except for swimming towels), private and exclusive and has the most breathtaking mountain views.