The route starts at the mouth of the Greenriver (S30˚ 50’58,2”   EO17˚ 34’37,S”) and ends after 9 days at the Elephants River in the south (S31˚ 41’57,6” EO18˚ 11’12,2”).


The total distance is approximately 150km and hikers do around 16.7km per day. The flora in the area differs according to the terrain. It ranges from thick bushes to semi-desert plants. The gesteentes are mainly granite and sandstone with quartz and basalt in-between. The archaeology represents periods from hundreds of years ago, all the way to millions of years ago. The hiker has the opportunity to see where the coastline made its appearance about 7 million years ago. Fossilized  wortelbome, tortoises and oysters can be seen. The hiking terrain differs between long sandy beaches with bays and rocky terrain. Good hiking shoes for the day are important. Comfortable shoes for the evening are a must.


Hikers are transported from the Caveman’s cave in Koekenaap to Greenriver mouth via taxi. Braaipacks are provided every second evening. The other nights include food prepared on gas stoves or fires by the organizers. Hikers provide their own breakfast and lunch. Bring small gas stoves with you. The logistics vehicle provides water, wood and ice every evening. It also transports the rucksacks and other equipment; thus you will only carry a day bag. GPS co-ordinates are available. There are 18 co-ordinates of importance.

Hikers are expected to bring the minimum amount of baggage. Ablution facilities are limited; your own spade should thus be brought along. The last 35km is a security area where only hikers and contractors are allowed.

There is an optional boat ride from the Whitehouse up to the ‘Kliphuis’ Caveman’s cave. The journey is approximately one hour and cost R150 per person. Suppers are included in the price.