Ana’s place:

We arrived at George International Airport at half past 7 after our flight has been delayed four times but none the less we arrived.  We were taken straight to Mosselbay where we had a delightful dinner at Kingfisher.  After dinner we were transported to Ana’s place.  Ana’s Place is a stunningly beautiful 4 Star, 3 story Guesthouse, with a view of Mosselbay and the bay, one wouldn’t forget easily.  The next morning breakfast was served at 8 o’clock and after everybody’s tummies were full we set off for our first day on the Oystercatcher Trail.


First day:

St. Bliazer Trail – 13.5km:

We departed from Ana’s place by foot down to the little town of Danabay, it was quite weird for a hiker such as myself to start the first part of your hike through town.  We arrived once again at the Kingfisher Restaurant for one last stop at the ladies room and off we went.  We were told by our guide Andre that we will be seeing 2 caves on the trail and the first one is not far from the Kingfisher Restaurant.  We arrived at Bat’s Cave which was the first cave and was told a bit of history about the cave.  We then set off for the 13.5km of hiking.  The first day is not a strenuous one but for a first time hiker it might be a bit of a tough one.  The trail goes up the escarpment of the mountain and stays there most of the time with a climb and decent here and there.  One thing about the first day is you have the most beautiful breathtaking view of the sea all along the trail.  The wind wasn’t playing along at all and it was quite tricky at some stages to keep on your feet.  We then reached the second cave and to get to the cave you had to climb 170 steps down.  We weren’t allowed to go into the cave because it is part of an archeological digging site which is used by the university students to do there practical.  The cave apparently is believed to be the start of human evolvement and they have found old age instruments.  After the cave we went back up and continued our journey to the end of the trail which was still a while to go.  After the cave the trail slowly starts descending downwards, to hike a little bit closer to the sea.  There is a wide variety of vegetation along the trail such as wild rosemary, painted lady, September bush and much more interesting vegetation that is used by different tribe for different medical uses.

Part of the trail passes over, under and straight a golf course so one should be on the lookout for flying golf balls.  When reaching the club house, you have reached the half way mark.  After a passing the golf course it’s about plus minus 51/2 k to the end where our transport was waiting, what a welcome site.  After we got into the minivan we were taken to Sandpiper Safari cottages in Boggomsbaai.  The cottages blends in perfectly with its surroundings and the décor in the cottages give you that homey feeling.  The cottages can accommodate between 4 and 6 people.  There are 4 rooms in each cottage, each with an en-suite bathroom.  A lovely open plan setting with a fireplace makes for a warm cosy gathering for any family or friends.  Sandpiper Safari’s has a club house with a small gym, squash court, tennis court, sauna, swimming pool and don’t forget the Spa treatments that can also be booked.

The trail is a very enjoyable walk all depending on the weather; I don’t know which tired us out more, the wind or the hike itself. 


Day 2:

Walk from Danabay to Boggomsbay


After having a delicious breakfast the club house we were transported to Danabay where our second day of hiking was waiting for us.  We were told that we will be hiking the 12km on the beach and were more than welcome to walk barefoot.  After about 20min of driving we arrived at Danabay and was dropped off at our starting point.  What a beautiful feeling it was to feel the sea sand under our feet.  Andre our guide explained to us about the Oystercatcher bird and what an amazing little bird that is.  The Oystercatcher breeds on the beach itself but behind the dunes and one should be very careful when walking on the dune, because their eggs could be destroyed easily.  The Oystercatcher is on the protected species list and the reason for that is because their eggs looks like the colour of the sand and is as big as a chicken’s egg.  The eggs are very difficult to see and easily gets get destroyed by humans (without them knowing it), dogs, seagulls etc.  Oystercatchers have a partner for life and if that partner dies it will be alone for the rest of their lives.  When the Oystercatchers eggs gets destroyed they will only try 3 times in their life time and then give up, that is why they are protected.  After the briefing of the Oystercatcher it was off to start the hike.

Day two is a very smooth walk, but if you are not used to walking long distance on the beach barefoot you might be very stiff the next day.  Once again we were blessed with a beautiful view of the sea.  Along the trail you will be taken to two dunes to be shown what the San people use to do.  When you get to the top of the first dune you come across a heap of shells which at first looks like nothing of interest but what you will see is a midden.  A midden was made by the San people, it’s like standing in their kitchen.  The San woman used to hunt for mussels and small sea creatures, open them eat the insides and throw the shells on the one big heap.  These middens can be seen all over the dunes but not in a heap as the one we saw.  The second dune we were taken to was a work place for the San people where they used rocks, stones etc as tools.  It wasn’t shown out to us exactly what type of rock or stone was used for what but we were told to use our imagination and look at the rocks and stones and try and figure out what it would’ve been used for.

The rest of the day went very smoothly and the wind played with this time.  We finished up at Sandpiper Safari Cottages where we were greeted with snacks, juice and a nice cup of tea.  What a very warm greeting after a stunning day of walking.


Day 3:

Walk from Boggomsbay to Gauritzmouth



After enjoying a fabulous breakfast at Sandpiper Sport Spa we headed toward the little town of Boggomsbay to start our 3rd day of hiking.  We hiked through the little town of Boggomsbay and what a lovely beautiful town it is, it is so peaceful and the only traffic in Boggomsbay is the locals coming and going and believe me there is not a lot of residents in Boggomsbay.  We finally reached