Hiking and Outdoor Newsletter August 2018


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Bucket List Hike Coming Soon
Some destinations just need to be shared and to me EBC (Everest Base Camp) is definitely one of them. So whether you’re solo or trek with a buddy, set aside 3 weeks this October and come trek with me to the world’s highest mountain - Everest!! 22 days to enjoy the mystical sites of Kathmandu, fly to the mountainous region of the Khumbu..

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Healthy Hiking Recipes
Beef Alfredo
We all know preparing delicious nutritious food for a long distance hiking trip can be tricky sometimes, so we will be helping you out with some easy and quick recipes that are very tasty and gives you the energy you need for the hike ahead.

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Hiking With Pets
More and more hiking trails are allowing pets on the trails which is awesome but there are few things you need to take into consideration, here we share some tips on hiking with your pets.

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Hiking Trails in Eastern Cape
Looking at Mehloding Adventure Trail.

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Mehloding Adventure Trail, Matatiele, Eastern Cape
A choice of four welcoming chalets in the little explored southern Drakensberg in the Ongeluksnek Valley at the border between the Eastern Cape , KwaZulu Natal and Lesotho.  Constructed by local people with traditional designs and materials, they offer a unique getaway destination for family groups, backpackers and adventure seekers.

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Hiking Freaks
Ever wanted to take up hiking as a hobby but didn't have the essential kit.
Find out more what Hiking Freaks can offer you.

Weather Forecasting
Want to know what the weather is like before you go hiking?

Go see what Jacana has done for you.


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