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Hiker's Prayer
This beautiful Prayer was sent in by Sam Stone.

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Healthy Hiking Recipes
Peanut butter and apple quesadillas
We all know preparing delicious nutritious food for a long distance hiking trip can be tricky sometimes, so we will be helping you out with some easy and quick recipes that are very tasty and gives you the energy you need for the hike ahead.

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History of Hiking
The hiking we know and love today has been around for many years. It might not have crossed many people's minds, but for some, the question of 'when was hiking invented?' is a curious one that still needs answering. People who are passionate about hiking genuinely want to know how it all started, where it all came from, and who had the crazy idea to start trekking for miles and miles!.

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Hiking Trails in Eastern Cape
Looking at Alexandria Trail, Baviaans Camino Trail and Chokka Trail.

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Alexandria Trail
This two-day and 36-kilometre circular hiking trail is perfect for a weekend getaway and boasts desert-like dunes, lush indigenous forest, dune cliffs crumbling into the sea and spectacular untouched beaches. Alexandria hiking trail can accommodate max 12 people and min 3 people. This is a Circular route of 36 km. 1st day 19.5km, 2nd day 16.5km.

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Baviaans Camino Trail
The majestic Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve is begging to be traversed by foot, however, the selected north-south route for the Baviaans Camino lends itself for novice horse riders to accompany hikers. Hikers and riders are supported in this remote wilderness area by two vehicles, and overnight accommodation is in farm houses and/or tents.

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Chokka Trail
A 62km slack pack hiking holiday over 4 days/3 nights between Oyster Bay, St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis.


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Hiking Freaks
Ever wanted to take up hiking as a hobby but didn't have the essential kit.
Find out more what Hiking Freaks can offer you.

Weather Forecasting
Want to know what the weather is like before you go hiking?

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