The flat water canoe trail is situated on the Sundays River and begins and ends in the picturesque village of Cannonville, just 30 minutes drive from Port Elizabeth on the northbound N2 highway to Johannesburg.


The Nukakamma Canoe Trail is one of the most sought-after canoe trails in South Africa.  It is the first and only accredited GREEN FLAG STATUS canoe trail in the Republic of South Africa.  


We can accommodate a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 paddlers, on a trail, in stable, 4m double, unsinkable fibreglass canoes.


The 14,5km paddle to “Hudson” our overnight facility can take between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the weather.  We like paddlers to be on the river by no later than 07h30 in order to be well on their way upriver should the wind come up later in the morning.  Prior to leaving on the trail, wearing their lifejackets, we brief paddlers on canoeing and river safety, and tell them some interesting facts about the Sundays River.


At certain times of the year paddling through “Mullet Alley” can be an exciting experience when mullet, related to the herring family, take the canoes for predators and jump into and over the canoes in an effort to escape. There are approximately 210 recorded bird species in the area as well as wildlife to be seen on the way to and from “Hudson.”


Environmental and conservation material is permanently on display in the barbecue and cabin area. A Roberts’ book on South African birds and others on animal tracks and first aid treatment are available in the cabin for reference purposes.


If one is a keen angler there are salt-water fish to be caught on the way to “Hudson” and freshwater fish such as carp and barbel (catfish) to be caught at “Hudson.”   After relaxing on the sundeck overlooking the river, some socialising and listening to the birds as they settle for the night; perhaps the haunting cry of the African fish eagle or the howling of a jackal in the distance it is time for the evening barbecue, then off to bed.


4 m. stable, double canoes, including two lifejackets and two paddles, are also available for hire on adaily basis on the Sundays River @ R150.00 per canoe. Conditions apply.


Important Notice:

We can portage your luggage to and from “Hudson”; a total of 78kms at a charge of R250.00), subject to there being no more than two (2) parcels per person, plus an ABSOLUTE maximum of three (3) cooler boxes per trail. Surplus luggage must be carried in your canoe.




·         Two-roomed log cabin

·         Each room is fitted with two, three-tiered bunk beds with luxury 100mm thick foam-rubber mattresses.



The following checklist is just a reminder of what one should take on the trail. It is not complete and can be altered to suit the individual.


Food (Waterproof well)

  • Salt, sugar, milk, coffee, teabags
  • Breakfast cereal, rusks etc
  • Cheese wedges, salami, instant soup, two minute noodles
  • Chocolate,  glucose sweets
  • Tinned or dehydrated vegetables, potatoes – instant or fresh
  • Fresh fruit
  • Biltong, peanuts & raisins, liquid refreshments



  • Soap, toothpaste, brush, toilet paper, towel etc
  • Sunscreen lotion (30+)
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Elastoplast for possible blisters


Clothing: (Pack in double plastic bags

·         Shoes – there are thorns in the area

·         Shirt, long & short trousers OR

·         Tracksuit, jersey or windbreaker

·         Underwear, sun-hat

·         Swimming costume

·         Sunglasses

·         Raincoat, gloves, handkerchiefs


Additional information

  • Permit
  • Sleeping bag
  • Torch/ new batteries
  • Gas lamp or candles & matches
  • 2 litres fresh water each. There is tank water at “Hudson” but you may prefer to bring your own.
  • Plate, mug & eating utensils
  • Gas stove
  • Tin opener
  • Dish cloth
  • Plastic refuse bags for waterproofing

·         Cameras binoculars

·         Provisions, including meat, can be purchased from the supermarkets in Cannonville & Colchester.

·         Don’t forget to bring a small fishing rod and diving lure.  Cob & Leerfish have been hooked on the roll whilst paddling to and from “Hudson”.  At “Hudson” there are freshwater carp & barbel (Catfish) to be caught.

·         Remember, when packing for the trail that you may be carrying your kit in your canoe. Contain your kit to the equivalent of two ¾ filled garbage bags each which will easily fit in your double canoe (i.e. one bag behind and another in front of each person.) 

·         Pack everything in double or even triple plastic bags to prevent water getting to the contents.

·         If you intend carrying your luggage in your canoe please remember that sealed buckets, backpacks & cooler boxes are not suitable as they take up too much space.

·         You are advised to bring a flask of hot water and packets of “Cup Of Soup” during the Autumn & Winter months, as well as a change of clothing to carry in the canoe, in case you get wet.


The following utensils are available at Hudson:

·         Barbecue (with smoke canopy) including one 10kg bag of firewood

·         Grid and barbeque utensils

·         Frying pan

·         Plastic basins

·         Camp kettle

·         Coffee pot

·         Plastic jug and two small pots

·         Bring your own eating and drinking utensils

·         A maximum of two extra bags of firewood can be supplied, if required @ R20.00 per bag.



·         No refund will be made if the booking is cancelled less than 30 (thirty) days before the commencement of the trail. Otherwise 75% of the booking fee will be refunded.  Furthermore, an alteration of a booking less than 30 (thirty) days before the trail begins will  be viewed as a cancellation and therefore not refundable.

·         Vehicles may be parked at owner’s risk at the picnic/ area in Cannonville.

·         No pets, radios, tape recorders, television sets are allowed on the trail.

·         Wildlife and vegetation may not be disturbed or removed. Any gillnets located in the river must not be removed. Please report their position to the trail operators who will have them removed

·         Any hiker using the canoe trail and overnight facility and surrounding area does so at his/her own risk.

·         All refuse (bottles etc) must be placed in the bins provided at Hudson and under no circumstances is anything to be thrown into the river.

·         A fire may only be made in the barbecue provided.

·         Please ensure that your fire has been completely extinguished when leaving the area. Do not throw ash into the surrounding bush – you could start a fire.

·         Hikers shall be liable for any damage, loss or destruction to farm/bushveld and other property along the trail, canoes, paddles and/or lifejackets, and at the overnight hut   as a result of any act on the hiker’s part.

·         The trail operators may, as they think fit, cancel tours at short notice. In this case they are not liable for compensation, in respect of any loss or inconvenience suffered by the hiker as a result of such cancellation. Money paid for reservation will be refunded.

·         Should a hiker for any reason find himself/herself in difficulty and calls for help or should someone else on his/her behalf call for help, he/she or his/her parents/guardians (in the case of a minor) or estate will be held responsible for the costs, involved in providing help.